Whether you are experienced or a complete beginner boxing is the perfect way to improve your punching skills and improve your fitness. Discuss your goals with our coaches and we will give you exactly what you need to make them happen. Here at Fightzone we focus on good head movement, footwork, combinations, speed and exceptional cardio to push our boxers forward. The classes are tough but the results make them worth it!

Boxing at Fight Zone London
During one of our classes you will work on skipping, shadow boxing, drills, bag work and sparring. Members are only expected to spar if they are confident to do so. We have all the equipment you need to get started but once you have been here a while you will want your own boxing gloves, gum shield and hand wraps.

What you need to bring
For your first class all you need is shorts (no zips or any metallic) and a t shirt. We have communal gloves, pads and protection all available here for free for our members. Once you are attending regularly you may want your own and if so we have everything available to buy in the gym shop