Marco Canha


Marco Canha is the head instructor of Fight Zone London. An extraordinary grappler born in Rio de Janeiro Brazil,Marco is a direct product of the original Fightzone gym in Rio de Janeiro, having earned his black belt at that same gym from Fightzone owner/headcoach and 9x World Champion Ricardo Vieira, one of the greatest competitors of the sport!

Marco started training Jiu Jitsu in 1994 when he was only 12 years old, his first coach was none other then former UFC middleweight champion, Murilo Bustamante, but at his gym Marco stayed for only a couple of months.

After a break, he decided to follow his sister’s friend advice,and went to train with another former UFC fighter and ADCC champion Roberto Traven at the famous Strike gym, only a five minute walk from his house.

There Marco started enjoying BJJ,and was encouraged by another coach,one of the most important people in his life, Muzio de Angelis, who made him believe in BJJ as a lifestyle, supporting him a lot during his development.

After spending a few months in the US Marco went back to Brazil and decided to move camps, moving to Fightzone in Copacabana, to train under Ricardo Vieira, who has one of the strongest competition teams in the world.

Marco Canha moved to London, England in 2010 becoming a top representative of the world famous Checkmat BJJ team (a worldwide affiliate of Fightzone), here he has developed one of the strongest BJJ teams in London while also helping develop Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in other parts of the country giving seminars all over the United Kingdom. Marco Canha’s success as a coach has been made evident through his students who have achieved prestigious medals in tournaments such as the World Championships, European BJJ Open, the No Gi European Championship, British Open amongst many more.

Marco Canha has also been featured on reputable websites such as Meerkatsu and BJJ Heroes.

For information regarding Private sessions contact Marco directly on: +44 7984 311765

Main achievements

  • IBJJF British National Champion No Gi 2019

  • IBJJF British National Champion Gi 2019

  • UAEJJF Grand Slam Champion 2019

  • IBJJF London Winter Open Gi Champion 2019

  • IBJJF Dublin International Open Gi Champion 2018

  • IBJJF Dublin International Open Nogi Champion 2018

  • IBJJF London Fall Open Champion Gi 2018

  • IBJJF London Fall Open Champion No Gi 2018

  • IBJJF British National Champion No Gi 2018

  • IBJJF British National Champion Gi 2018

  • IBJJF Copenhagen Open NoGi Champion 2018

  • UAEJJF Grand Slam Champion 2018

  • Polaris 2018 Superfight Winner

  • Ibjjf Paris Open 2017 Silver Medal

  • TUFF Invitational Superfight Winner (2016)

  • British Open Champion (2016)

  • NAGA UK NoGi Expert -76Kg Champion

  • European Open NoGi Bronze Medal (2016)

  • America Cup Rio de Janeiro Bronze Medal (2015)

  • IBJJF London International Open Silver Medal (2015)

  • IBJJF London International NoGi Champion (2015)

  • IBJJF London International No Gi Absolute Champion (2015)

  • TUFF Invitational Superfight Winner (2015)

  • Toukon Challenge Team Winner (2014)

  • IBJJF London International Open Nogi Champion 2014

  • IBJJF London International Open Champion 2014

  • British Open Champion (2014)

  • Champion London International Open NOGI (2013)

  • 2nd Place London International Open Gi (2013)

  • Bristol Open SuperFight Champion (2013)

  • 3rd Place British Open (2012)

  • European Nogi Silver Medallist (2012)

  • London Open Silver Medallist (2012)

  • Bournemouth Open Champion (2011)

  • Champion Gracie Invitational London(2010) NOGI -76kg

  • 2nd Place Rio de Janeiro State Championships (2009)

  • 3rd Place Rio de Janeiro State Championships – FJJ (2009)

  • 3rd Place Rio de Janeiro State Championships – CBJJE (2009 absolute)

  • 3rd Place at the Scandinavian Open (2009)

  • 2nd Place at NOGI British National Open (2009)