Marlon was a prolific amateur boxer both as a juvinile and as an adult. With two decades of experience he has devolped into an amazing coach teching a technical, fast paced class that will not only teach you how to box but will get you in amazing shape too.

Marlon was a National Novice finalist in 2007  and went on to win the gold  in The Three Nations Box Cup (2010) and the London ABA championships (2011) on top of as his impressive amateur boxing record. Marlon went on in 2011 to represent England and went on to be ranked 5th in the country.

Sinse retiring from boxing competition Marlon has been able to concentrate on getting qualified as a personel trainer encorporates modern fitness techniques into his traditional boxing class.

Main achievements 

  • London ABA Champion
  • Resented England Boxing Team
  • Ranked numer 5 in Britain 2013
  • 47  Amateur boxing fight
  • Won the Sun newspaper spirit of London award for achievement through sport.