How do I join?
To join you simply need to fill out a registration form at reception.

Can I pay cash for monthly memberships?
Monthly memberships need to be paid for via direct debit from a UK bank account.

Do I have to pay the joining fee and insurance if I want to be a pay as you go member?
Yes, everyone who trains at Fightzone needs to be a member and will need to pay the joining fee and annual insurance.

Where do I sign in once I’ve joined?
When you join we will take your photo and fingerprint. For health and safety reasons it is a requirement that you sign in with your fingerprint at reception everytime you attend a class.

Do I need to book classes once I'm a member?
No. You don’t need to book, just turn up 10-15 minutes early for the class you wish to take!

Do you have lockers?
Yes, we have lockers. You will need to bring your own padlock or you can purchase one from reception for £5. Our lockers are only to be used whilst you are training. They are emptied at night and anything left will be moved to lost property.

Do you provide towels?
Yes, we have a towel hire service. The cost is £1.50 per towel or £10 on top of your monthly membership for unlimited towel usage!

Can I use the gym outside of class times?
Membership at Fightzone London entitles you to participate in classes and while use of the facilities can be made outside of class time due to our ever-growing schedule there is almost no time where the mats are not in use. Please ask at reception

Can I borrow gloves for my trial class?
Yes, you may borrow gloves for your trial class. We have a limited amount of gloves and they are reserved for trials so once you are a member we urge you to bring your own gloves for when you train. You can purchase gloves at reception if you don’t have your own.

Do I need to buy a gi to attend Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi classes?
You do not need to get a gi straight away however the sooner you do the more you can take away from the classes you attend. Alternatively you could do a No Gi BJJ class where shorts and t shirt will always suffice.

What happens if I’m late for class?
Please try to arrive early for your class so you have time to change and be ready at the edge of the mat for your class start time. It is important that you participate in the class warm up to reduce injury risk and it is out of respect for your training partners and the coach that you arrive on time. We know sometimes lateness cannot be avoided so it is at the coach’s discretion whether you can take part in the class.

How do I cancel my membership?
We require 1 months notice for membership cancellations and this must be communicated via email to Verbal communication or via messages on social media platforms are not accepted.

Are personal training sessions available?
Many of the coaches offer private training sessions, to find out speak to the coach directly.

If you have any other questions then drop us an email -